Helston Office
Penzance Office

Chris Wood was born in and started his career in Penzance in 1989 and started work in Helston in 1991 until 1993 with Black Horse Agencies. After a brief spell in Truro with BHA, Chris returned to his home town of Penzance to manage GA until his return to Helston in 1998.

Chris set-up and opened PDQ 3 years later and has been helping people sell, buy and develop property across West Cornwall ever since. With over 30 years of experience in property, 27 of which have been in estate agency, there are few agents in the area with Chris' experience or depth of knowledge.

Before you employ anyone, you should always check their CV. Especially if you are employing them to sell your largest asset and family home.

Here's Chris' 

OFFICES: Please note, We are now a fully fledged digital estate agency with no high street offices. Instead, we work from our ipads, at customers homes, our home offices and at a number of "property surgery" venues in local businesses around West Cornwall (coffee shops etc.). Our website mentions contact information for 'offices' which we are in the process of removing.